Republican Congresswoman becomes first GOP member to support same-sex marriage



By Anna Peirano

Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida has become the first GOP member of Congress to support marriage equality. 

Ros-Lehtinen has been known for holding pro-LGBT views. She was the only Republican co-sponsor of legislation to repeal DOMA. 

She confirmed her support of same-sex marriage on Tuesday after remarks at the launch of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry in Washington D.C. 

Michael Cole-Schwartz, spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, commended Ros-Lehtinen for speaking out in favor of equality and said it would help other Republicans do the same, according to The Washington Blade. 

“Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is a champion in the fight for full LGBT equality,” he said. “Her willingness to be a leader in the Republican Party on LGBT issues, including becoming the first Republican member of Congress to embrace marriage equality, is opening the way for other Republican officials to speak out.”

Despite her support of the LGBT community, the representative still backs Mitt Romney for President due to economic issues.

“Well, I support him because of his views on the business issues and the economy,” she said. “There are a lot of issues in which I disagree with Mitt Romney, but there are a lot of issues in which I disagree with members of my family. But I love them all the same.”

Back in September of 2011, the congresswoman said, “As Republicans, we are committed to ensure that the federal government play its proper role. Defining marriage is not part of that role.”


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