LGBT News Roundup: 07.18.12



Even Boy Scouts Of America’s PR Firm Opposes Anti-Gay Discrimination

Unlike BSA, which continues to cling to an exclusionary policy that that drives its membership down and flies in the face of its own core tenets, PR firm Fleishman-Hillard recognizes that anti-LGBT discrimination is bad social policy and bad business.

Edie Windsor vs. DOMA May Be Best Chance To Strike Federal Gay Marriage Bar

Edith “Edie” Windsor, 83, never really thought she would be suing the government. But just to be safe, she and her late wife, Thea Spyer, always kept extensive records.

Sir Elton John thought everyone knew he was gay

Sir Elton John didn’t officially “come out” as a gay man until 1988 because he felt sure news of his homosexuality was “common knowledge.”

Jimmie ‘J.J.’ Walker: I Do Not Accept Gay Marriage on ‘Moral Grounds’

Jimmie Walker shared his opinion that same-sex marriage is immoral on CNN, reports Huffington Post.

Study: Children with gay parents denied equal protections

Discriminatory parenting laws in more than 30 states means it is likely that children being raised in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) families will be legal strangers to at least one of their parents, according to a new report released Tuesday.

China Already Has Gay Marriage: Gays And Lesbians Just Marry Each Other!

there appears to be a middle ground emerging that allows Chinese tongzhi (literally, “same will” or “comrades”) some degree of freedom: marrying each other. Sites like are uniting gay men and lesbians based on a host of preferences that may offend our freedom-loving sensibilities but work well within the Chinese culture.

Ricky Martin Tweets About Homophobic Statement By Miss Peru, Cindy Mejia; Leads To Outcry And Apology

In a recent interview with Peru21 — a Spanish-language media company — Cindy Mejia, Miss Peru, had some controversial things to say about gay children and if she would have an issue if her own child was gay. Shortly after the article was posted, Ricky Martin quickly responded to Mejia via Twitter.

Mississippi Public Museum Discriminates Against Same-Sex Couple

Ceara Sturgis and Emily Key wanted to rent the Masonic Hall at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum to hold a commitment ceremony, but were refused because they are a same-sex couple. 

Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Would Be ‘Cool’ Playing With A Gay Teammate

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a colorful reputation that gets him into hot water with the media, so the stakes were high at last Wednesday’s ESPY awards when he took a moment to answer some questions from OutSports.

New Zealand LGBT aged care study finds other residents’ homophobia a problem

Researchers from New Zealand’s University of Auckland who conducted the country’s first study into the needs of older LGBTs in aged care found staff feel other residents’ homophobia is the biggest issue they deal with.

Op-ed: The Many Legal Hurdles to Being an LGBT Family

The Family Equality Council’s director for public policy explains all the steps her family has had to go through to ensure the law can’t ever tear them apart.

Conservatives Grieve Episcopal Church’s Approval of Gay Blessing Service

Conservative Episcopalians are calling Tuesday night’s approval by leaders in The Episcopal Church of a rite for the blessing of same-sex unions “unbiblical.”

New Gay Club Aimed at Indian Community Headed to Sixth Street

A new gay lounge and nightclub aimed specifically at the South Asian community is trying to take over the former Anu space at 43 Sixth Street. 

Leaders of Ukraine’s gay community say intolerance, and violence against homosexuals on rise

KIEV, Ukraine — Homophobic sentiment and violence against Ukraine’s gay community are on the rise despite increasing efforts to promote tolerance in the conservative ex-Communist nation, advocacy groups said Wednesday.

Colorado patrol criticized for anti-gay culture

The Colorado State Patrol has been ordered to change its policies after an administrative law judge found the patrol fostered an anti-gay culture.

Virginia anti-gay adoption law takes effect

LGBT activists remain concerned that a new Virginia law that allows private adoption and foster care agencies to reject prospective parents based on religious or moral beliefs could subject gays and lesbians to what they describe as unnecessary discrimination.

Top 11 LGBT Friendly Reality Shows You Should Watch This Month

Here’s our list from The Advocate of the top reality shows LGBT viewers will want to check out now.

Why has Queen Elizabeth Remained Silent When It Comes to LGBT People?

Why has the Queen remained so out of touch with modern society when it comes to LGBT people? Even our politicians are more outspoken on the subject.

Bryan Fischer Of American Family Association: Gays Should Be Denied Custody Of Children

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, sounds off on his “Focal Point” talk show on why he feels (LGBT) couples shouldn’t be allowed to become parents. 

HIV Criminalization May Discourage Testing, Study Shows

After a series of high-profile criminal prosecutions of people who failed to disclose they are HIV-positive, some might hope not knowing their status protects them from jail time.

Tennessee GOP chapters lash out at governor over hire of Muslim woman, gay staff

Various county chapters of the Tennessee Republican Party, including Williamson County Republican Party, the Stewart County Republican Party and the Carroll County Republican Party, are displeased with the job of Governor Bill Haslam, who also happens to be a Republican.

Record Number Of Out Gay Candidates Run For Congress In 2012

This fall’s election will include the most out gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender congressional candidates ever. But the Congress in January 2013 could have fewer out members of Congress than since retiring Rep. Barney Frank came out.

Super PACs say Mitt Romney would roll back LGBT protections in new attack

A pair of liberal super PACs are teaming up on a new Web campaign that accuses Mitt Romney of advancing an “extreme anti-LGBT agenda” that would make life worse for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans.

Jewish group offers training on LGBT inclusiveness

Following allegations that a Jewish school in London showed pupils anti-gay material, a Jewish forum has provided a free training course for community members to support LGBT inclusion in the faith.



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