Major League of Soccer ends partnership with Boy Scouts


By Jordan Ruimy

The Boy Scouts of America’s “emphatic reaffirmation” of its vow to exclude all homosexuals from its ranks was another discriminating decision that, once again, dis-valued the group’s reputation in the eyes of many Americans – including the Major League of Soccer. The organization has withdrawn their support and ended their partnership with the Scouts. 

The BSA review, made by an anonymous special committee that supposedly had “a diversity of perspectives and opinions,” was “confidential.” The BSA made a statement that said that they “included forthright and candid conversation and extensive research and evaluations.”

Which, in other words, meant they didn’t give a damn and – in the eyes of this writer –  think of gays as abnormal, disillusioned people. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely gays in the boy scouts, but they are most probably closeted for good reason. If they come out, they would get kicked out and discriminated upon by their peers.

At least The Major League Of Soccer has noticed the wrongs of this situation and decided to end their one year partnership with the Boys Scouts Of America. The MLS did not give a specific reason for the end of the partnership, which had began in January, and said it had to do with “a variety of business decisions.” 

But, given the fact that many MLS teams have held “equality nights” and formed partnerships with LGBT advocacy groups – it isn’t surprising. The decision is also no brainer given the MLS’s undeniable support of causes like You Can Play, an organization dedicated to ending homophobia in sports.

Since 1991, the Boys Scouts Of America has prohibited any openly gay people from participating in their programs. However, in recent months, it looked like a few BSA board members were going to change their positions on the ban. Sadly, they did not come to a full out agreement on reversing it and this resulted in their disappointing decision last Tuesday morning to continue their discriminatory ban. 

Other sports leagues have supported and campaigned for gay rights over the years, most notably the NHL and their You Can Play campaign which has been a great success and has garnered support from many sports leagues and celebrities over the last few years.

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