MillerCoors and PepsiCo banned from bar for supporting LGBT business


By Kelly Craig

MillerCoors brews and PepsiCo products will no longer be found at a popular bar in Northern Idaho because of the corporations’ support of the LGBT community.  

Bar owners Mike and Mari Fuller do not believe in supporting corporations that are corporate partners of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. 

The Fullers have also added a personal statement to the bottom of their online menu explaining: “We are Christians who do not believe in supporting the goals and the politicians who support the goals of the NGLCC.”  

The bar owners ask their customers to “consider becoming a conscientious consumer and join with us in requesting that the companies listed below redirect their charitable contributions toward non-divisive, non-political entities and charities such as cancer research, heart disease, or fighting world hunger.”

The bar menu then goes on to show all the companies and corporations listed on the NGLCC website which consumers should avoid. 

Mari Fuller understands this may lead to losing customers: “They choose to leave and go somewhere else which for us that’s fine. That’s how we are,” she said. “We make our decisions on what we like, what we want to purchase and buy and everybody else has that same right.”

The bar owners have said they will carry MillerCoors and PepsiCo. once they disaffiliate with NGLCC.

MillerCoors Spokesperson Karina Diehl gave the following statement reaffirming support of the NGLCC: “MillerCoors has a strong track record of supporting the diversity of our employees as well as the communities in which we work and live. Due to the diversity and breadth of our consumers and because we believe in supporting the many communities we serve, we support myriad organizations across the country. The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is one of many organizations we are proud to support. “

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