LGBT News Roundup: 07.26.12


Editor’s Pick: On Gay Marriage, Europe Strains to Square 27 Interests

CASTEL MAGGIORE, Italy — When 1-year-old Kirsi Bestetti tripped and cut her lip at her grandparents’ house last summer, her mother Elisa Bestetti rushed her to the emergency room, panicky about all the blood. Once there, she also worried whether the hospital staff would accept her as Kirsi’s mother.

Michigan LGBT Community Centers Launch 100-Day Hunger Strike

Protesting what they see as an”extreme anti-equality environment” in the Great Lakes State, leaders of eight Michigan LGBT community centers will be participating in a 100-day hunger strike leading up to the November election.

Chick-Fil-A & Gays: Why a Boycott Won’t Do a Lick of Good

…the more I’ve witnessed the hatred boiling over in the last few 24 hours, the more I wonder if this punitive approach is the right response.

New Zealand lawmakers to debate gay marriage bill

New Zealand lawmakers will debate a bill to make same-sex marriage legal.

Children of Gay Federal Workers May Receive Health Coverage

A proposed rule would extend health insurance to the children of gay people who are partnered with federal employees. But the domestic partners themselves would still be blocked from coverage because of the federal law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Gay Liberian Activists Pressure President to Veto Anti-Gay Bill or Lose Nobel Prize

Liberian President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is about to cause a major stir if she signs a ban that would criminalize gay marriage in the African nation.

Obama Thanks Alleged Gay Porn Producer at Ore. Fundraiser

President Barack Obama recently thanked Terry Bean at a fundraiser in Portland, Ore. Bean is a political fundraiser and LGBT rights activist who has been called a “gay-porn kingpin” by the New York Post, the Weekly Standard reported.

Ten Camp Staffers Quit in Sympathy With Fired Gay Scout

Ten employees at a Boy Scout camp in Northern California have quit in outrage over the firing of a gay staffer.

London Olympics: Gender-verification rules outrage LGBT activists

How masculine can a woman be before it’s unfair for her to compete in sports against other women? The International Olympic Committee has tried to tackle that question with new gender-verification regulations. But LGBT activists and others say that the new rules only muddle the situation. 

Glasgow Pride breaks attendance records

Attendance records were shattered at Scotland’s biggest LGBT event, Glasgow Pride. According to The Glaswegian more than 6,000 people attended the event, breaking previous attendance records.

Just where is the Prop. 8 case?

While legal scholars continue to argue about whether the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) simultaneously gutted the Commerce Clause, we can turn what’s left of our tolerance for mind-numbing legal analysis back to Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the federal court challenge to Proposition 8.

Elton John, Anderson Cooper, Other Celebs Auction Off Backstage Passes To End LGBT Homelessness

Cyndi Lauper made it known that “girls just wanna have fun,” and now she wants to ensure everyone else can, too. Her latest fundraising initiative pushes everyone, of any sexual orientation, to fight for LGBT rights.

Target’s Same-Sex Registry Ad Praised By LGBT Advocacy Bloggers

A number of bloggers are praising Target’s new same-sex wedding registry ad — but is it enough to quiet naysayers’ doubts about the megabrand’s seemingly contradictory stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues?

COMMENTARY: Can my “gay community” please stop whining about Sally Ride?

For those in my gay community whining about all the good Sally Ride could have done had she only “come out;” I say — Get over yourself.

Brett Williams on gay bias ruling against Colorado State Patrol

Brett Williams loved being in the Colorado State Patrol, where he rose to the rank of captain in twelve years. But he says he knows it isn’t possible for him to return to the job. Why not? Because Williams was rejected for reinstatement for reasons he believes were connected to his sexual orientation — he’s gay. 


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