LGBT News Roundup: 07.31.12


Gay marriage foes ask Supreme Court to uphold California ban

Gay marriage opponents asked the Supreme Court on Tuesday to uphold a California ban on same-sex matrimony that was struck down by a lower court as a violation of the Constitution.

Kickstarter Enables LGBT-Themed Projects to ‘Go for Gold’

Food for thought: Where is the LGBT camaraderie? Every day, non-athletic men and women in our community work to represent us in the best light with creative projects that are a true representation of same-sex-loving people.

Log Cabin Republicans Leader Defends Chick-fil-A From LGBT ‘Thought Police’

The Log Cabin Republicans’ R. Clarke Cooper today penned a scathing rebuke of LGBT activists and allies who have been speaking out against Chick-fil-A for its anti-gay policies. 

A Unicorn at the White House

When I came out of the closet in college in the late 1980s, I thought I was a unicorn. That is, I believed that I was a mythical creature. Surely I was the only gay Asian-American person in the universe.

SDGLN Poll: Majority of readers say LGBT employees face a glass ceiling at work

A majority of the readers of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News who took our poll say that they believe most LGBT employees face a glass ceiling in the workplace.

Jack Phillips, Denver Baker Who Refused Wedding Cake To Gay Couple, Defends His Stance

The owner of a Colorado-based bakery that denied a wedding cake to an engaged gay couple says he’d sooner shutter his business than “compromise” his beliefs.

Gay Atlanta politican robocalls for her partner

If you’re one-half of a gay political power couple in Atlanta, how can you support your partner’s run for elected office? Nothing says love like a 30-second robocall.

Gay marriage vote could be close in New Zealand

Labour Party MP Louisa Wall is close to securing the support to legalise same-sex marriage, a Herald poll of MPs shows.

When school is out: gay-friendly education in the US

Around half the students at one pioneering Wisconsin high school are gay, many of them dropouts from mainstream education. But is this just a new kind of sexual segregation?

Want to Supercharge Our LGBT Inclusion? Call the NAACP

I have seen firsthand the power of collaborating with racial and ethnic civil rights leaders, but even I was surprised by how a small conversation with the head of the NAACP mushroomed into a milestone for LGBT health.

Scientists Rebuke Publication of Study on LGBT Parenting

The controversial study has been described as reporting poorer economic, educational, social, and psychological outcomes among children of gay parents. But that conclusion has been widely criticized by scientists who point out that due to methodological problems those conclusions cannot be supported. 

Huckabee Demonstrates Anti-Gay Hypocrisy Over What Warrants A Boycott

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is leading the charge in defending Chick-fil-A with “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” this Wednesday, but with the new media attention, he has proven his hypocrisy over what warrants a boycott. 

Chick-Fil-A’s Brand Approval Rating Plummets After Anti-Gay Controversy: REPORT

Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay marriage stance has gotten some high-profile support by way of Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and other conservative lawmakers. But among their longtime customers, it’s a much different story.

Why Jesus Loves LGBT People and Gay Marriage Doesn’t Exist

I’m in London right now during the worldwide celebration of the Olympics. I am out of my comfort zone and surrounded by every race, creed, gender, religion and possible amalgamation of human being possible.

When The Gay Topic Is The Deal Breaker With Celebrities

I always push the G word in celebrities’ faces and they–or at least their publicists–sometimes respond by using their own G word, Goodbye!

Obama’s gay marriage support fails to sway Americans

Americans remain just as divided on gay marriage as they were before President Obama’s announcement in early May he now publicly supported it.

Kevin Swanson, Anti-Gay Pastor, Slams Jim Henson Company For Nixing Chick-Fil-A Toy Deal

A right-wing pastor and radio host slammed the Jim Henson Company for “taking the sodomy route” by severing a planned kids’ meal partnership with Chick-fil-A over the restaurant chain’s proclaimed anti-gay stance.


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