Pride House at the Olympic Games


By Ryan Collett

After a cancellation scare from lack of funding, the Pride House 2012 is now firmly a part of the 2012 Olympic Games. After making its successful debut during the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, the Pride House is a temporary space built especially for LGBT athletes and spectators.

The House seeks to, “celebrate sport for all while bringing together all members and friends of the worldwide LGBT community,” according to the organization’s website. As a venue, the House will hold live broadcasts of Olympic events, panel discussions, and exhibitions showcasing the legacy of homosexuality in sports.

One exhibit, entitled “Against the Rules,” consists of 37 banners that honor and profile gay athletes from around the world and throughout history. The exhibit was funded by the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation and has previously served as a traveling exhibit in museums across Europe.

Aside from raising awareness, the Pride House provides a safe haven for athletes and fans in the world of sports – a place where LGBT tolerance still faces hurdles. The safety and atmosphere of tolerance cultivated inside is supported by a slew of international LGBT advocacy organizations.

Outside of the actual building, the Pride House will host a variety of activities around London to encourage LGBT openness at the games.

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