FutureLeap may be the future of how we view movies


By Anna Peirano

(Be sure to check out dot429’s exclusive clip from “Wannabe” below as well as the film’s trailer. The movie will be released via Facebook Friday, August 10th) 

Earlier this year, dot429 interviewed Marcus Lovingood about his founding of PridePac, the first LGBT-centric SuperPac. Now, we revisit the social entrepreneur and soon to be Bravo reality TV star (he’ll be appearing on the new show “Silicon Valley” later this year) to discuss his latest venture – establishing his company FutureLeap and, in his own words, revolutionizing the way we watch movies. 

A few months ago, Lovingood’s startup FutureLeap partnered with UK-based startup Chargeplay. Chargeplay has developed a technology that allows a film to be sold and seen on and within the Facebook platform. Together, the two companies bought the rights to the film “Wannabe,” a mockumentary style production exploring Hollywood’s egocentric population and asking the question, what happens to boy bands when they’re all washed up? 

The film follows character Steve Williams, who the Brave New Hollywood blog describes as, “a faded boybander whose original 15 minutes of fame have long expired. Undaunted, Steve moves to Hollywood to pursue another shot at the spotlight. He is followed everywhere he goes by a film crew that documents a steady stream of indignities.”

FutureLeap and Chargeplay are attempting to create a new social movie viewing experience. Lovingood says the goal is, “to distribute the film to a targeted audience through a sophisticated viewing platform, which is housed (and sold) on the film’s Facebook page.” By utilizing the social media sites highly targetable reach potential, Lovingood hopes to match “movie-lovers with their desired genre of film.” 

“We truly believe that this innovative way of distributing motion pictures via Facebook to targeted audiences is the future of how we will watch movies, so there is great growth potential both in the indie and Hollywood Markets,” says Lovingood. “We are looking forward to not only optimizing Hollywood, but paving the way for indie markets for years to come.” 

From silent films to drive-in theaters, big screen to 3-D, how we watch and connect with films is an ever evolving process. “It is an honor to be working in an industry with a business model that has impacted billions, survived depressions and recessions and have delighted audiences of all ages for over 100 years,” says Lovingood. “The ability to progress and optimize the Hollywood and Major Film industry has been a dream of mine since before I remember and am grateful for the opportunity to lead in the digital revolution.”

View Wannabe’s Facebook here and check out the film, to be released Friday, August 10th.

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