LGBT News Roundup: 08.16.12


Chelsea Clinton Proud Of Bill Clinton For Backing Gay Marriage

Chelsea Clinton has said she is proud of her father, former president Bill Clinton, for supporting gay marriage.

Gay rights and a D.C. shooting: Don’t play the blame game

Does a watchdog group that monitors “hate” groups bear any responsibility for Wednesday’s shooting of a security guard at the conservative Family Research Council in Washington? Some conservatives seem to think so.

Gay rights activists hack Ugandan government website

Gay rights activists hacked several Ugandan government websites on Thursday to denounce what they see as the harassment of homosexuals in the east African country, the government said.

Michigan’s Gay-Bashing Former Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell Testifies ‘No Hatred’ In His Heart

Andrew Shirvell, who was fired from his position as assistant attorney general in Michigan for a campaign of anti-gay harassment against the then-student government president at the University of Michigan, told a federal court Wednesday that he had “no hatred in his heart” for his target.

Government In Limbo Over Gay Right

The government of Ghana is in a serious state of confusion about how to make a definite stance on gay rights in the country.

Will Log Cabin Endorse Romney-Ryan?

An LGBT anti-Romney group is calling on Log Cabin to withhold its endorsement, like it did from George W. Bush in 2004.

HRC ups funding for ballot battles

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has announced a further cash investment of $1 million in the four states facing marriage-related ballot measures in November – Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. 

LGBT groups stand in solidarity with the Family Research Council

Shortly after news spread about the Wednesday morning shooting of a security guard at the Family Research Council’s (FRC) headquarters by a gunman , Truth Wins Out, a non-profit organization that fights anti-gay religious extremism, posted a following press release.

First TV Ad On Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban Features Grandparents

The first television ad on Minnesota’s proposed constitutional amendment which would ban gay marriage features a straight, older couple.

Lady Gaga Takes Fashion Too Far

Is Lady Gaga about to meet the fate of Kim Kardashian and get humiliatingly flour-bombed on a red carpet by animal rights activists for wearing fur? It would appear so, unless Gaga’s many gay fans are successful in a campaign launched in recent days to get the performer to explain a series of recent occasions on which she appears to be donning fur coats.

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