London Mayor joins Out4Marriage campaign


By Malissa Rogers

London Mayor Borris Johnson has revealed his support for same-sex marriage and equal rights in a new video launched earlier this week as part of the Out4Marriage campaign.  

“I see absolutely no reason why that happy state should be denied to anybody in our country and that’s why I’m supporting the Out4Marriage campaign,” Johnson said in his video.

Out4Marriage has been created to push for a change in the law, which would allow gay couples the full right to marriage in the United Kingdom. The campaign has targeted prominent figures, from all political parties, and celebrities to speak out in their support of gay marriage. The video with Johnson has been posted on YouTube. 

The founder of this movement is founder Benjamin Cohen and viral video director Mike Buonaiuto. They are committed to publishing videos with many different prominent figures over the next few weeks; all of which are pushing for the laws to change.

“One of the amazing things about London is that not only have we got a declining crime rate, declining murder rate, more theatres than New York, less rainfall than Rome, it’s also one of the few places in the country where the rate of marriage is actually increasing,” Johnson said in his video.

The idea for this campaign originated with a video that Buonaiuto had produced called “Homecoming.” His video included a story about a soldier who had returned from his tour of duty and proposed to his boyfriend. His video became a success for the Campaign for Equal Marriage according to the Daily Mail and from this video the idea for Out4Marriage emerged.

“It’s about people telling the truth because there’s a lot said which is generally quite negative about same-sex marriage,” Buonaiuto said.

Out4Marriage is modeled after the hugely successful ‘It Gets Better’ campaign here in the United States, where politicians and celebrities give teenagers across the nation hope about coming out with their sexuality.

Many conservatives have decided to vote against legalizing same-sex marriage based on religious grounds, but Johnson has joined Home Secretary Theresa May and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in recording a video, for the campaign, in support of new laws according to the Telegraph.

However, Johnson did not always support the idea of recognizing same-sex marriage.

In 2001 Johnson wrote “Friends, Voters, Countrymen” where he stated, “If gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men, or indeed three men and a dog.”

Cohen said he is pleased the Mayor is supporting them according to The Independent.

 “Boris Johnson like many has been on a journey when it comes to this issue and we welcome his support for Out4Marriage,” Cohen said. 

Regardless of Johnson’s previous stance on gay marriage, his recent change of opinion could help others change theirs as well.

“We’ve seen a big U-turn from him in recent years,” Buonaiuto said. “It’s nice to see a U-turn from him and it’s nice to see him speaking in support of the campaign.”

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