LGBT News Roundup: 08.29.12


Planned Parenthood targets LGBT teens

According to the CDC, about 50% of high school students report that they are sexually active, and it may be time to put teenagers in charge of their sexual health. 

Atlanta keeps its promise to crackdown on sex-trafficking to protect LGBT youth

Some time ago the officials in Atlanta’s government made a promise to handle the growing sex trafficking crimes that plague not only this one city but the nation and the world. 

GOProud Admits It Cares More About Money Than LGBT Rights

While ogling hot go-go boys wearing skimpy, belly-baring GOProud-branded apparel, members of the homocon group danced away the first night of the Republican National Convention at Tampa’s Honey Pot nightclub. But it was what GOProuders were willing to admit that was truly revealing. 

Openly LGBT Lawmaker Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Congressional Primary

After winning last night’s Democratic primary, Kyrsten Sinema is one step closer to becoming the first openly bisexual member of Congress.

Pro-Equality Republicans Gather to Laud Progress, Lament Their Party

While attitudes on gay marriage have rapidly changed over the past four years, that progress failed to make an appearance in the Republican Party platform passed at the convention yesterday.

5 Gay Things About the RNC’s First Day

The first day of the Republican National Convention came with the confirmation of its antigay platform, a speech from one of its most prominent antigay voices, and then GOProud got stood up at its big gay pride party. 

Teen advocate for gay youth battles bullying

Corey, 17, now a senior, has become a vocal leader in the effort to stop bullying and to build support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth. 

Stephen Colbert Explains How the Gays Created Hurricane Isaac to Destroy the GOP Convention: VIDEO

Stephen Colbert took on the Republican National Convention and the coincidence of Hurricane Isaac last night.

Black Nevadans Support For Gay Marriage Surges After Obama Nod

Support for gay marriage among African-American voters in Nevada has increased 26 percentage points since President Barack Obama announced in May that he supports such unions.

California moves closer to banning ‘gay cure’ therapy for teens

California has moved one step closer to becoming the first state in the nation to ban “gay cure” therapy for teens.

LGBT Groups Break With Obama On Choice Of Cardinal

“There are many faith leaders who would be an ideal fit to close out the Democratic National Convention — but Cardinal Timothy Dolan is not that leader,” says an HRC spokesman. Obama campaign says move is “not about politics.”

LGBT Missourians Are Less Likely to Receive Medical Care

So what if denying homosexuals the right to marry not only affects their lifestyle but negatively impacts their health?

Barbara Walters to host event celebrating first anniversary of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), OutServe, and the Interbank Roundtable Committee (IRC) today announced that journalist Barbara Walters will serve as emcee for the upcoming event, “Celebrating Our Heroes.”

‘It Gets Better’ Project to Receive TV Academy Governors Award

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Board of Governors has voted to bestow its prestigious Governors Award this year upon the “It Gets Better Project™,” an organization devoted to supporting LGBT young people via its website, initiatives and the posting of original videos with messages of empathy, encouragement and hope for a positive future.

Victory Fund CEO Chuck Wolfe talks 2012, strategy

Since 1991, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund has given openly LGBT candidates the financial, strategic and technical support needed to win races. As the nation’s largest LGBT political action committee, it has one simple goal: to change American politics through queer elected leaders.

Veteran gay Dem to head LGBT caucus at convention

When nearly 500 LGBT delegates attending the Democratic National Convention hold their first caucus meeting in Charlotte, N.C., next Tuesday, veteran gay Democratic activist Rick Stafford of Minnesota will pound the gavel to call the meeting to order.

A Gay Dad Sounds Off on California’s Proposed Ban on Administering ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy to Children

The California legislature has passed another bill in an effort to create a state where the society is truly affirming and equal for all. 

Ellen Barkin On ‘The New Normal’: Teen Parents Vs. Gay Parents

As Ryan Murphy’s series “The New Normal” continues to face controversy, Ellen Barkin is arguing that anti-gay organizations should examine their definition of “normal parents.”

Gays of Syria, Unite!

Homosexuality is illegal in Syria, despite Assad’s promises of reform. Why some gays are joining the revolution. 

RI Senate president mum on gay marriage

Prospects for gay marriage in Rhode Island remain murky as the Speaker of the House restates his desire to vote on the issue even as the Senate president remains silent.

Obama’s Ambassador Tells Czech LGBT Activists: You Have Ally in USA

The “Photo of the Week” currently featured on the State Department’s official “Dip Note” blog shows U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norman Eisen and staff members taking part in a ‘gay pride’ parade in Prague on August 18.

Six Questions For Mitt Romney Regarding LGBT Equality

Just last year Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney claimed: “I favor gay rights.” But as CAP Action has thoroughly documented before, Mitt Romney has been a stalwart opponent of marriage equality and civil unions, would oppose a federal workplace nondiscrimination law for LGBT workers, and has a history of halting anti-bullying initiatives as governor.

Five Reasons Why Romney Will Be an Awful President for LGBT Americans

With the GOP convention in full swing, cementing Mitt Romney’s position as the Republican Presidential nominee, the time is ripe for a deeper dive at the actual platforms being promoted that may rule our next four years. Shudder.

The Risky Business Of Courting LGBT Customers

Whether it’s due to the rise of social media and the phenomenon of the immediate sharing of views and opinions or just an intensification of the “culture wars” that seem to occur everywhere throughout history, where we eat and shop now has more political and social overtones than ever before.

Family Equality Council Releases ‘Family Values’ Platform

The Family Equality Council has released a new platform that addresses the need of “Modern Families,” those being raised by same-sex parents. The new document serves as an alternative to the anti-gay condemnations of the Republican Party platform and fleshes out just how marriage equality and other protections will help children.

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