LGBT News Roundup: 09.06.12


California Assembly Speaker: ‘We Fight For’ The LGBT Community

Last night’s speakers at the Democratic National Convention once again included many mentions of the LGBT community.

Teachers’ Unions Donate To Republican Candidates Against Abortion, LGBT & Immigration Rights

Faced with the choice of endorsing the Republican businessman or the school-savvy Democrat, the Public Action Committee of the Indiana State Teacher’s Association (ISTA) endorsed Waltz.

STUDY: Religion Increases Likelihood Of Suicide Attempts For LGBT People

A new study presented this week at the European Symposium of Suicide and Suicidal Behavior examines the suicide attempt rate among Israeli youth, finding that it was much higher than reported in official statistics.

Critical Government Surveys Omit Gay and Transgender People

Official government data clearly play a critical role in our country’s policymaking process. Without information about the gay and transgender population, however, public policy cannot adequately serve these individuals and their families. 

Black clergy rip Obama on gay marriage

The Coalition of African American Pastors have a message for President Barack Obama: Don’t take black Christians for granted.

Liberian President Comes Under Attack Over Gay-Rights Stance

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is coming under renewed pressure in what appears to a growing movement to make same-sex marriage a felonious act.

Michelle Obama Asks LGBT Elected Officials At DNC For Election Support

 First Lady Michelle Obama was an honored guest this afternoon at a Human Rights Campaign and Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund luncheon to honor LGBT elected officials attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

LGBT Caucus At Democratic National Convention Is The Happiest

Plenty of people are excited to be at this year’s Democratic National Convention. But one group stands out as the happiest caucus of all: the LGBT Caucus.

STUDY: Climate Improving For LGBT Students, But Nearly 40% Still Report Physical Harassment

Just in time for the new school year, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network has released the findings of its 2011 National School Climate Survey.

Gay Democrats Celebrate a Newfound Visibility

After years of struggling for attention and recognition from the nation’s political parties, gays and lesbians have catapulted to the forefront of the Democratic convention here, prominent on the stage, in speeches, in the platform and at parties that go on after the proceedings have finished.

Immigrant-rights group endorses same-sex marriage

Recognizing that some cultures and religions oppose homosexuality, an immigrant-rights advocacy group that endorsed the state’s same-sex marriage law is working with its constituents to show the connections between immigrant rights and gay rights.

UT will not investigate controversial gay parenting study

The University of Texas has decided to not continue to investigate a professor accused of scientific misconduct for a study he released, which found that children who grew up with gay parents fared worse emotionally and socially in their adult life than those who had heterosexual parents.

Congressman Jared Polis delivers a DNC speech calling for one America

Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado stepped to the podium last night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. as more than a congressman; he stepped on stage last night as one of four openly gay members of Congress who is also the first to be a parent. 

A Gay Dad Sounds Off: 10 Reasons Why Conservative Christians Should Be Fighting for Gay Marriage

n raising my kids, I have to apply certain moral principles, rules to live by, that derive from my own sense of right and wrong and the foundation I have: follow the golden rule, be willing to learn, help others, don’t judge, etc…

Gay Republicans on Why They Are Anti-Obama

One party has a platform that endorses same-sex marriage while the other’s platform wants to go back to the days of “don’t ask, don’t tell”—so why are some gay activists backing Republicans? Lloyd Grove talks with GOProud about endorsing based on politics, not emotions.

Growing Up Gay in Senegal

Djamil Bangoura has known he is gay since childhood. Growing up in Pikine, a slum of Senegal’s sprawling capital city, Dakar, he kept his sexual orientation a secret for fear of violence, imprisonment, and alienation from his family…

Obama Forcing Gay Marriage On The Country, Gary Bauer TV Ad Alleges

The socially conservative super PAC Campaign for American Values is running an ad campaign in the Charlotte media market this week accusing President Barack Obama of forcing gay marriage on the rest of the country.

Prop. 8 backers urge U.S. Supreme Court to rule on California’s gay marriage ban

Proposition 8 backers on Wednesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to jump into the gay marriage fray and restore California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex nuptials.


Five More NFL Players Say They’d Be OK With Gay Teammate

Five current NFL players have indicated they would have no problem playing alongside a gay teammate, bringing the total who’ve stated support to two dozen athletes.

Christine Quinn Reflects on Progress at Democratic Convention

The lesbian Speaker of the New York City Council offered her thoughts on the experience for LGBT delegates in Charlotte, and responded to chatter about her own political future.

Straight 18-Year Old Beaten Up After Standing Up For LGBT At Brighton Pride

A straight teenager is recovering this week after he was assaulted for standing up to homophobes at Brighton Pride in the U.K. over the weekend.

Why Medicaid Matters For Gay And Transgender Communities

When it comes to Medicaid, the LGBT movement is too often at a loss for words about a program that provides lifesaving health care to more than 50 million of the poorest Americans — including gay and transgender people.

Election 2012: Rhetoric, the Record, and Reality

What was supposed to be a “referendum” election according to most political pundits, with voters focusing on Obama’s first three years in office, has quickly become a “choice” election, with voters presented with two vastly different visions for America.

The 2012 Election: The Transgender Decision Comes Down to Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity

“This year, 2012, it is very important for all LGBT people to vote, especially transgender Americans. If we ever hope to achieve equality and freedom, we must speak out and vote in the 2012 election.”

Anti-LGBT speakers line up to speak at hate group’s conference

The list of anti-LGBT speakers lining up to speak at the Family Research Council’s (FRC) Values Voter Summit next week is growing longer and longer.


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