Wanda Sykes moderates political discussion in new Logo TV special


By Kelly Craig

Who better to explore national politics through an LGBTA lens than Wanda Sykes? “I’m a black, gay woman,” Sykes says. “I think the only way to make the GOP hate me more is if I sent them a video of me rolling around on a pile of welfare checks.”

Sykes taped Logo’s 2012 election special “NewNowNext Vote with Wanda Sykes” on Friday before a live studio audience in New York City. 

Sykes moderates a panel that includes Congressman Barney Frank, news anchor Thomas Roberts, and Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen, resulting in a conversation that delves into heavy political issues while still remaining entertaining. Sykes covers topics from economy, healthcare, education, women’s rights, job protection, and gay marriage.

Sykes has shared her political views before.

“It’s harder to be gay than it is being black,” Sykes said during her famous “I’ma Be Me” HBO special back in 2009. (View the clip from that program below.)

On the Today Show with Natalie Morales which aired September 6th, Sykes explained why she thinks some people get “so uptight” about same-sex marriage: 

“Maybe they just hear the word ‘sex’ and they’re like, ‘Look at those same-sex people, all they’re doing is just having sex all the time, that’s all they’re doing. I bet their lives are 90 percent sex and 10 percent parades.’ That’s it. Sex and floats.”

After reassuring Morales that gay couples have the same ups and downs as heterosexual couples, Sykes says, “Then I think maybe they think it’s going to be mandatory. ‘I don’t want a same-sex marriage.’ Fine, you don’t have to have one – it’s not going to be mandatory!” (View the full interview on MSNBC’s site here.)

The Logo special hopes “to educate, activate and entertain viewers while shining a spotlight on the state of national politics through an LGBT lens,” according to the press release.

Catch the first of two one-hour specials airing on Logo September 10th at 10 p.m.


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