Anderson Cooper discusses coming out on second season premiere


By Anna Peirano

The second season of Anderson Cooper’s talk show, Anderson Live, premiered Monday with co-host Kristin Chenoweth. The pint-sized actress surprised Cooper, asking him about his summer off-air in which he came out publicly. 

After a bit of blushing, Cooper admitted that it hadn’t been a big secret, and that those closest to him had always known. “I came out in high school, I told my friends, I told my family, I’d always been out to my co-workers and stuff. It’s just not something I talked about publicly because as a reporter I didn’t think it was appropriate, it didn’t seem like part of my job.”

Chenoweth asked him why he changed his mind.

“It just got to the point where, I’ve been torn for a long time between a desire as a reporter to just do my job and be known as a reporter, and at the same time I do think visibility is important, that I do think that the tide of history only moves forward when everybody is fully visible. I didn’t want to send a message that there was anything I was ashamed about or unhappy about or not comfortable with, and that was the main thing for me.”

He finished by thanking his fans and loved ones for standing by him, and reiterated that his sexuality is not who he is as a professional.

“I appreciate all the support I got and all the encouragement. You know, I’m the same person I always was and I do the job just the same way.” 

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