Is gay no good for feng shui?


By Jack Chavdarian

Newlywed couple, Barrett Greene and Thomas Eng are suing the owner of an Asian restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York, for canceling their wedding reception because they’re gay. 

According to NY Daily News, the restaurant owner Qi Yeng Lin allegedly said the reception was a no-go because gay and feng shui don’t compliment each other well.

A $750 deposit was made when the couple met with Mr. Ho, the manager of the restaurant, to plan the event.

A week later Mr. Ho contacted the couple and informed them that the reception might have to be transferred to a sister restaurant.

A few hours after that, Ho was contacted by the manager of the sister restaurant, Mr. Fong, to express his disapproval of a gay wedding taking place there.

The suit claims Ho was later fired.

The Restaurant Owner didn’t return the couples calls after the cancellation.

Other employees at the restaurant are surprised by the couples claims, as they do not believe the company would discriminate gays.

Feng shui is actually about obtaining luck and fortune and has nothing to do with the crowd of a space, and certainly not one’s sexuality. 

The suit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court and the couple is seeking unspecified damages

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