Organization recruiting out-of-state volunteers to progress marriage equality



By Ryan Collett

Just in time for the election in November and a slew of gay marriage ballot initiatives in four different states, the political taskforce United for Marriage is recruiting volunteers for grassroots campaigns in support of local gay communities.

Gay marriage initiatives and referendums will appear on state ballots in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington this November. In order to pledge voters and garner support for each state’s gay community, United for Marriage sends out-of-state volunteers to provide a surge of support in campaign activities.

United for Marriage calls the 2012 election season the, “tipping point in the movement to win the freedom to marry nationwide.” Four states could end up fully legalizing and incorporating gay marriage into their respective governments.

With support from Freedom to Marry Action, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, and the Human Rights Campaign, United for Marriage helps finance volunteer groups as they travel to each state. Once there, volunteers work with local leaders to recruit voters and spark awareness for the ballot measures.

United for Marriage’s strategy solves the problems small gay communities face by sending in outside support. If participants can’t make time to help fulfill the scheduled weeklong campaign, United for Marriage encourages volunteers residing in border states to help out even for just a handful of days.

For more information on the initiative and to find out how you can help, visit the United for Marriage site here


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