LGBT News Roundup: 09.19.12




Senator resigns over comments about gay marriage

Long-simmering tensions within the Coalition bubbled to the surface in a dramatic fashion today, ending with the resignation of a key Tony Abbott ally.

Ultra nationalist party meets with LGBT group

Officials from KAOS GL, a leading support association for Turkey’s LGBT community, have met with the Nationalist Movement Party’s (MHP) vice chairwoman ahead of civil rights report.

Australia’s Gay Marriage Ban Upheld By Lawmakers

Australian lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected a bill Wednesday that would have legalized gay marriage, and similar legislation looked unlikely to pass despite public support for same-sex marriage.

Maria Miller’s support for gay marriage should not be a surprise to anyone

In today’s Independent there is an article by Maria Miller, the Cabinet Minister for Women and Equalities, arguing the case for gay marriage.

‘Telling us to migrate is wrong and rude’

Members of the local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have lashed out against an associate professor’s suggestion that they migrate from Malaysia, saying that the advice is unconstitutional and plain rude.


Problems in (Gay Republican) Paradise: LGBT politicians fight it out on the Right

The presidential finish line is eight weeks off, and there’s little indication that the LGBT vote in this year’s presidential election will divide up any differently than it has in the past several: 3 to 1 for the Democrat. 

Cuomo fears GOP gay rights backers may suffer primary defeats

Sen. Mark Grisanti’s vote for gay marriage rights did not hurt him politically among Republicans, as evidence by his GOP primary victory last week in Erie County, according to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.


Gay social app launches Obama Pride

Turns out that not only can you peruse which guys are into what on Hornet, a gay social app, but you can also find out about their other persuasions – politically speaking.


Gay Happiness, the New Frontier

Are mental and physical health problems really a reaction to bigotry?

Anti-Gay Groups Want Parents To Shield Children From Learning About Sexual Reality

Following up on their model policy to ensure ongoing bullying of LGBT students, Focus on the Family and Alliance Defending Freedom have released new model legislation about “parents’ rights.”

Gay Fraternity Request Turned Down By The University Of Louisiana

A request by gay and bisexual students to form a “progressive lifestyle fraternity” at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has been rejected by the university. 

Gay professor at Royal Holloway College claims he was passed over for promotion because of his sexuality

An eminent gay professor has claimed that he was victimised at his university after flagging up pay inequality among his male and female colleagues.



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