“Let’s Talk” about two new campaigns to prevent suicide


By Erik Hayden

Many people have an outlet where they can voice their concerns and fears, a support group they can rely on, and a space where they can be themselves. However, for many others throughout the country, there is no such course to deal with both internal and external issues. Two campaigns, one from The Trevor Project and another from independent magazine OriginalPlumbing, have launched to tackle such problems and create a space for acceptance, as well as to raise awareness. 

The Trevor Project has named September “National Suicide Prevention Month.” To bring awareness to this issue, they have launched a video campaign called “Talk To Me.” The initiative highlights the idea that talking to someone allows one to connect to, and understand, one another. 

Saying “Talk To Me” lets the other person know that you are there for them, and you hold no judgment. The Trevor Project spoke to Daniel Radcliffe, a fervent supporter of the organization, about the campaign. You can find his hour long Q & A with members from the community here

OriginalPlumbing.com has launched their “Talk About It” video campaign. The initiative strives to bring awareness to issues being faced by FTM men, with depression being a main focus of concern. In an interview with  Advocate.com, Editors Rocco Kayiatos and Amos Mac say the two “Started the campaign in response to the suicides of three friends.”  

Their first video was posted in August of 2012 in which the two discussed how they deal with depression and anxiety in everyday life. Since then, they have had videos sent to them with testimonies from around the country. Like the “It Gets Better” movement, this campaign reaches an audience and lets them know that there are people who have overcome similar situations. But it always helps to “Talk About It.” 

Everyone needs a support system, and these two campaigns strive to educate audiences about the importance of simply talking. Depression and suicide continue to be serious health risks within the LGBT community. We need to stand together and be there for one another. Whether it be a friend, colleague, or family member, we all know someone who could benefit from a listening ear. 

So, let’s talk. 


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