VIDEO: “Straight Allies” to promote vote for same-sex marriage in Washington


By Zack Jenkins

Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea), an online community advocating for the approval of Referendum 74, a measure that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state of Washington, has released the first of ten advocacy videos on YouTube titled “Straight Allies.” 

SOSea encourages straight allies to come out and support marriage equality at the ballot box. “You can even vote for the president or something,” joked one character in their Fancy Matrimony video.

“By reaching out to local leaders in the LGBTQ equality movement, community members, entertainer, and allies, SOSea has produced over 15 different ads that range from humorous to heartfelt in an effort to reach voters in all communities,” SOSea Founder and Executive Director Shaun Knittel said in a press release.

In showing the diversity of support, both of the LGBT community and its straight allies, Knittel believes voters will find more cause to approve a ballot that publicly and unequivocally affects those that they know.

“It should always be popular to vote for love,” he said. “A vote to Approve R-74 is a vote to Approve Love.”

If approved in November, Washington will become the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Maryland will also be voting to approve same-sex marriage in a statewide referendum.

Check out the Straight Ally video here, and SOSea’s other videos comically titled “Fancy Matrimony?,” “1969…or something” and “SOSea: Who We Are.”

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