Bill and Melinda Gates donate additional $500,000 towards marriage equality in Washington State


Bill and Melinda Gates have donated an additional $500,000 towards marriage equality in Washington State. The couple had previously donated $100,000 to Washington United for Marriage back in June to help with the Approval of Referendum 74, which would keep same-sex marriage legal in the state. 

A Gates family spokesperson said of the donation, ““Bill and Melinda Gates made a second contribution to the Referendum 74 campaign because they support marriage equality and believe the law is good for Washington state.”

Washington United campaign chair Lacy All says the investment comes at a critical time: “This is just such an incredible gift and comes at a time when we’re seeing significant national money flow to our opponents. This is not the first time the Gates have made an investment in our campaign, and it’s a testament to the confidence they have in our ability to make history on November 6th.”

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