Instagram creates web profiles for users


By Anna Peirano

Over the past few days, Instagram has been rolling out web profiles for users. Once only accessible on mobile devices, the new web profiles look like a marriage of Facebook and Pinterest, with all your photos curated on an easily navigatable interface. 

The web profile curates a selection of your recently shared photos just above your profile photo and bio, with the rest of your photos populated beneath. 

You can follow users, comment and like photos, and edit your profile directly from the web. However, since Instagram is focused on sharing photos from mobile devices, users cannot upload photos directly to or from the web. 

To see your profile, navigate to: [username]

For example, to view dot429’s Instagram profile on the web, visit:

If your photos are set to public on Instagram, anyone, even those without Instagram profiles, can view your photos. If your photos are set to private, then only logged in users you’ve allowed to follow you can see your profile. 

Instagram made headlines as one of the fastest growing start up platforms to emerge in recent years, with over 40 million active users. The company was acquired by Facebook in September for a record setting $1 billion in combined cash and stock arrangement. It was an unprecedented acquistion considering the platform was built and managed by a team of 15 people and had no revenue generating components. 

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