Exodus ex-gay group blooper reel from 2012


By Anna Peirano

Exodus International is a global outreach organization committed to “encouraging, educating and equipping the Body of Christ to address the issue of homosexuality, gay and lesbian people and families with grace and truth.”

Those at Exodus believe that same-sex attraction is a struggle and a temptation faced by many. They admit they have never met anyone who “chose” to feel same-sex attraction. Rather, people eventually make a decision to either act on homosexual feelings or not to act on them. 

“Since 1976, Exodus has served as an organization helping men and women surrender their sexual struggles to the Lordship of Jesus Christ,” claims the website. And in a bout of confusing text, they claim that they “do not believe that same-sex attractions are sinful in and of themselves but rather one type of struggle and temptation among the millions that impact each and every human being.” And yet, “We do believe that any sexual expression outside of a monogamous marriage between one man and one woman falls outside of God’s creative intent for human sexual expression and is sinful.”

Exodus claims to include over 260 local ministries, churches and counselors in the USA and Canada, with links to other Exodus world regions outside of North America. 

Also notable in their Frequently Asked Question section, Exodus insists they are not a reparative therapy or conversion therapy organization. Rather, their official mission states that their goal is to, “mobilize the Body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality.”

Among the books, conferences, and website provided by Exodus International, the organization puts out a video series titled “Question of the Week.” In 2012, they covered such inquires as “How Should I Label Myself?” “Why Should I Tell Someone About my Struggle?” “A Loved One ‘Came Out’ Over Thanksgiving. What Now?” among others. 

Below is the organization’s self-produced blooper reel from the creation of these videos over the year. 

We leave you to draw your own opinions and conclusions. 

View the video here. 

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