Chick-fil-A Foundation produces a “trade your gay” coupon for free sandwich


By Alessio Tummolillo

On Sunday, a satirical group claiming to be the “Chick-fil-A Foundation,” an organization dedicated to the sanctity of traditional marriage, posted a video online where two members “trade in their homosexuality” for a free chicken sandwich. 

The video is a parody, created in protest after last year’s controversy in which Chick-Fil-A COO Dan Cathy stated he opposed same-sex marriage. 


The website mimics the real Chick-fil-A site, except it’s populated with satirical content, including videos and fake letters encouraging gay people to renounce their homosexuality. 


The two men in this particular video, John and Robert, admit that they kissed the night before. After making it clear to the viewers that this was “very very wrong” of them, they head into an actual New York based Chick-fil-A and attempt to trade in their homosexuality for a free chicken sandwich with a fake, yet convincing, Chick-fil-A coupon.  

As they attempt to hug in excitement, Harvey the Cow, mascot to the “Chick-fil-A Foundation” comes between the two.

The duo have a brief conversation with the cashier, assuring her that they are not gay, and manage to successfully walk out of the fast-food restaurant with free chicken sandwiches in hand.

Overcome by excitement, the duo end up kissing again, and in frustration, throw down their chicken sandwiches before storming off screen.

Harvey the Cow shakes his head disapprovingly.

The Foundation’s website includes more information regarding their “mission,” messages from Mike Huckabee and Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy, a pdf to print the “trade your gay” coupon, and a list of the Foundation’s heroes which include: the president of the National Organization of Marriage Brian Brown, Marcus Bachman, and Rick Santorum. 

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