Out actor Rupert Everett says stay in the closet


By Anna Peirano

British actor Rupert Everett once again goes on air and advises actors to stay in the closet if they’re serious about their careers. 

He told HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur that actors, particularly gay men, are shunned in an industry that is more conservative than the public perceives it to be. (View video below.)

“The structure of Hollywood, the whole of Hollywood…I’m also talking about theater. The theater owning community is another fairly right wing organization,” said Everett. “Since Reaganism, it becomes possibly worse for an actor to come out. The mainstream actor has had to become straighter and straighter.” 

Everett believes there is inequality when it comes to the roles offered to actors, fueled by this conservative culture of shareholders, producers, and corporate sponsors. 

“In the current climate, straight men get every opportunity to play gay parts whenever they want, and win tons of awards in doing so. But the other way doesn’t really work out.” 

Everett has gone on record before to say that he believes he’s been typecast in roles like the gay man he played in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and that his sexuality has prevented him from being offered more mainstream leading roles. 

Sackur then brought up actors who have been successful after coming out, like Matt Bomer, and asks Everett whether or not it’s the actor’s own sordid past that may have affected his job offers. 

“I guess the difference with you is, you had this lifestyle and you had that past which included the brief period as a male prostitute that other gay actors may not have had,” said Sackur. “Maybe it’s not so much the gayness that’s the problem, it’s your particular wild past?”

Everett responds with, “Who’s to know? I don’t think so.”

Last year, Everett made comments relating to gay parenting, saying “I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.” Read the article here


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