GayCities announces the best cities of 2012 in seven categories


By Alessio Tummolillo

This week marked the end of GayCities’ Best of GayCities campaign which featured a selection of the best cities around the globe in various categories, and a final award for the Ultimate Dream City.

GayCities is a website and mobile app where gay and lesbian members contribute opinions and thoughts on towns and cities around the world, either that they live in or have visited.

The Best of GayCities campaign is, according to a statement by the site’s Communications Strategist, Oscar Raymundo, “Different than any previous travelers’ voting contest…Best of GayCities asked GayCities members and LGBT readers to create an ‘Ultimate Dream Voyage’ itinerary by selecting their favorite cities all over the globe in a custom integrated map.” 

These cities were then divided into winners and runner-ups and in seven different categories including: Ultimate Dream City, Romance City, City That Never Sleeps, Scenic City, Beach Resort Town, Food & Wine City, and Pride City.

“It’s great to see so many people using the GayCities platform to share their favorite cities all over the world,” said GayCities CEO Scott Gatz. “Readers are helping each other find the best experiences where they live and travel. This is another way in which GayCities is helping people connect to each other and share their best experiences.”

Paris, France was not only selected as the Ultimate Dream City, but also claimed first spot in Romance City and Food & Wine City, and a runner up spot in Scenic City.

New York City only managed to get second place in the Ultimate Dream City category, yet won City That Never Sleeps and snatched runner up spots in Food & Wine City as well as Pride City.

Third place Ultimate Dream City, Tel Aviv, was named City of the Year by the site back in 2011, but fell behind this year. While not achieving 1st place in any category, it was a runner up in six of the seven – Scenic City being the only category it wasn’t featured in – making it the most represented city on the list.”¨San Francisco, making it to the 4th position as Ultimate Dream City, also won Scenic City and Pride City, and was a runner up in Food & Wine.

The remaining reward, Beach Resort Town, was awarded to Provincetown.

At a total of 10 cities and towns throughout the lists, the USA has the honor of being the country with most locations recognized. 

Other cities that made the list are: Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Barcelona, London, Venice, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, Berlin, New Orleans, Madrid, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Puerto Vallarta, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Toronto, Napa and Sonoma. 

You can see the breakdown of the winners in their categories here. 


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