Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes’ husband to run for Congress


By Anna Peirano


Sean Eldridge, husband of Chris Hughes who co-founded Facebook and bought The New Republic, has filed papers to run for a seat in the House of Representatives for 2014. 

He’ll be seeking the 19th District seat in New York’s Hudson Valley. If he wins the primary, he will be up against incumbent Chris Gibson. 

Eldridge, 26, studied political philosophy at Brown, graduating less than five years ago. Gibson is a two-term congressman and decorated war hero. It will be a tough race, according to Adam Estes of The Atlantic, but Eldridge’s relationship with Chris Hughes and their shared fortune worth nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars should take him a long way. 

Eldridge participated in the movement to legalize gay marriage in New York, working for Freedom to Marry. He then began his own organization called Protect Our Democracy, focusing on campaign finance reform. 

Both Hughes and Eldridge were active and influential in the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, and Eldridge served as delegate for New York’s 19th district at the Democratic National Convention last year. 

“We can always write a check,” Eldridge told The Times when asked about Hughes’s $700 million fortune, “but we thought it was more important to get our friends to support issues.”


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