22 people arrested at a gay party in Mumbai


A gay party was raided late Saturday night in Malad, a suburban area in Mumbai, India. 

22 people, including the party’s three DJs, stewards, organizers and the venue’s manager, Godawarish Nanda, were arrested for “indecent” behavior. 

According to The Times of India the partygoers were charged for dancing inappropriately. Amongst the arrested were 6 “eunuchs,” who are usually defined as castrated men, but in the Indian cultures are referred to as hijras or transgender women. 

The Indian Express spoke with one of the inspectors on the case, Phooldas Bhoye, who said, “a call was made to the control room complaining about the loud music. We were alerted after 2 AM. 

“When we reached the bungalow, we found that the organizer did not have permission to hire DJs and play music. The organizer had also invited six eunuchs, who were dancing indecently and the men were groping them. Some 10-15 others fled when we came. The rest were taken to police station and charged. All of them had drinking licenses for a day,” Bhoye continued. 

Police officials also reported that there was a phone call that tipped them off about drugs being sold at the party. 

“However, we did not find drugs during the raid,” the police officer said.

Once police arrived they charged the organizers under the Bombay Police Act with playing music too loudly after permitted hours and being a nuisance to the public. 

The arrested people were released early Sunday morning. 

India has come a long way when it comes to LGBT rights. Delhi recently celebrated their fifth Pride parade in 2012 and on February 2 Mumbai had a protest for equality, but the raids still continue on LGBT parties.

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