Light the Way to Justice, a grassroots campaign for LGBT equality


This March, the United States Supreme Court will review challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. Anticipation of these hearings has encouraged the creation of one grassroots campaign to organize rallies in many states across the country. 

Light the Way to Justice is coordinating volunteers for events and rallies in every state. Over twenty states have already established multiple rallies in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Sacramento, Washington DC and New York City.

Light the Way to Justice (LTWTJ) launched in early February as “an organized, yet organic, effort to harness the power of grassroots passion into a national call to action and to peaceful demonstration for equality,” their website states. 

Light the Way to Justice is a collaboration between GetEQUAL and Marriage Equality USA. 

GetEQUAL and Marriage Equality USA want to “provide a vehicle for organizations to act locally in direct response to the hearings,” Brian Silva, Executive Director for Marriage Equality USA said Tuesday. “These actions can have a profound effect on local communities” and move people toward understanding the importance of equal marriage, Silva said.

“We combined efforts and are creating the infrastructure to encourage folks to organize locally,” GetEQUAL noted in a statement to 429 Magazine on Tuesday. Light the Way to Justice wants to create ways for people in local communities to “show that there is broad national support for LGBT equality” and to “provide a way for folks across the country to connect with a major movement moment during the SCOTUS hearings.”

Light the Way to Justice launched a promotional video on their website on Monday as a call to action. The video quotes Cleve Jones and David Mixner’s op-ed in The Advocate: “We encourage all LGBT advocates and all fair-minded Americans who believe in equality and justice to take part in public actions during the last week of March.”

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