Burkina Faso Archbishop says gay marriage will destroy Africa


In yet another example of a religious leader speaking out against the LGBT community and marriage equality, Burkina Faso’s Archbishop Philippe Ouedraogo said that gay marriage would be bring the destruction of the African continent and the family institution.

He claimed that if gay marriage were to be allowed in Africa it would be an “assault on the family.”

It is the latest African leader to lash out against any tolerance and acceptance of the LGBT community, which has seen violence, imprisonment and calls for the death penalty against them in recent years.

Speaking on Sunday as part of the Diocesan annual Catholic pilgrimage held at the Our Lady of Yagama Cathedral in the country’s capital, the Bishop said that “some want to promote gay marriage at the expense of the family.”

Throughout his attack on the LGBT community he referenced the Bible as his source of information and beliefs against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender citizens of his country and across the continent.

“Our point of reference is the bible. Genesis tells us that God created man and woman … this is the prototype couple … and nothing else,” he argued.

He said in the country, a new Nazareth Center was to be launched in order to promote the pastoral care of the family and “traditional” family values.

Marriage equality is nothing less than an assault on the family, he told those who had gathered.

“Today, the family is attacked because some want to promote the marriage of gays at the expense of the family.

“Therefore we should protect and defend the family. If we demolish the family, we shatter our society,” he continued.

“If we demolish the family, we destroy our Africa and our world,” he added.

Surprisingly, same-sex sexual relations are not against the law in Burkina Faso, although civil unions and marriage remains illegal as marriage is defined by the government as being “between a man and a woman.”

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