Update: suspect charged with murder of victim in New York City


The recent homicides of three gay men in New York are still under investigation, but police have arrested a suspect in relation to one of them.   

Lleuyel Garcia was the lover of the late Joseph Benzinger and has been charged with his murder, which took place at the Crown Motor Inn on Queens Boulevard on February 9.

Garcia was arrested on February 14 and law enforcement sources said that the 23 year-old Garcia stole Benzinger’s wallet and cell phone which was the key to finding the assailant. The cell phone was tracked down by detectives and Garcia admitted to being at the motel, the Daily News reported. Benzinger was found dead in a hotel room. The medical examiner believes that the victim was strangled to death.

Police have yet to arrest any suspects in regards to the murders of David Rangel and Charles Romo.

Three homicides in New York, victims all gay men


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