How Gay is Valentines Day?


Which marketers are targeting the gay community on Valentine’s Day? Surprisingly, a lot.

Target sells greeting cards which market to the gay community, with greeting lines such as, “Mr. & Mr.” and “Women Love.”

LEGO is all about love with their all-inclusive Valentine’s Day cards, such as the one featured on the Human Rights Campaign Blog, which has an image of two lego-like men kissing in front of a rainbow flag.

Homomark is definitely all about gay love with “Groom & Groom” napkins and rainbow colored linked hearts.

Dare we forget, Zazzle, which features a “Be Mine” greeting card with a large rainbow filled heart and tee-shirts. 

Want to get away for Valentine’s Day? The Kimpton Hotels will attend to your every need. The Human Rights Campaign gives them a perfect score of 100 on gay friendliness and accommodations. The Kimpton Hotel even has a section of their website devoted to its gay clients offering special packages made just for gay newlyweds. 

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