Mass kiss protest against ‘lack of rights’ for gays in Italy


On Thursday, the LGBT community of Genoa and Bologna in Italy fought for their equal rights by staging mass kiss protests wherever they went.

Over 100 gay and lesbian couples traveled to the cities and to main squares, a supermarket, a post office, and Bologna’s primary hospital. 

Arcigay, Italy’s first and largest national gay organization, stated, “We chose a supermarket, where people go shopping, a post office, where they have to pay taxes, and a hospital, where everyone has to go, sooner or later. This is why a gay couple has a normal life, as everyone else, and we go to the same places the other people go.”

The activist are asking the Partito Democratico (PD), the countries main political party, to support LGBT rights. The PD leader has stated that he believes in equality, suggesting that Italy should model after Berlin and to enact pro-gay legislation.

It is currently not illegal to be gay in Italy, but the country does not allow gays to legally marry or have civil partnerships. They have passed laws allowing gays to serve in their military openly and anti-discrimination laws in employment.

In 2010, after years of legislation to pass marriage equality had been denied, the Constitutional Court issued a landmark ruling that recognized same-sex couples as a “legitimate social formation, similar to and deserving homogeneous treatment as marriage.”

The LGBT community seems to have plenty of support from the general public. In 2010, the Italy Eurispes reported that 82% of the population considers homosexuals equal to others. 

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