MIT baseball varsity co-captain comes out as gay


Massachusetts Institute of Technology varsity baseball co-captain, Sean Karson, has come out as gay to his teammates. The baseball star received support from his coach and team. 

Karson asked his coach one day after practice if he could make a speech to his teammates. His coach said that he had no idea what Karson was going to talk about.

When Karson opened up to his teammates about his sexuality, he received only positive reactions from the team. 

Karson said, “They came up and gave me high fives and said they’d have my back and everything. It was so supportive, it was ridiculous.” 

Karson is not the first to come out in the college athletics world and receive support from teammates. Back in 2010, Andrew McIntosh, who became captain his senior year at New York’s Oneonta State University for lacrosse, came out in the end of his junior year. 

McIntosh said he was at first afraid, even suicidal, about coming out to his teammates and coach. But, support from his family and by being inspired by the movie Milk, he decided it was time to come out. 

He came out to his coach via-email saying that he wanted to let him know, “that you are the first coach I have ever told this to and I am even telling you before my parents. The reason I feel somewhat comfortable telling you is because I remember one time in practice you called someone out for using the term ‘gay’ in a derogatory way.”

His coach was not only supportive, but Karson said the man told him that, ““if we had a roster of 30 players and 15 of them did not want to play on the team because I was gay, he would tell them to leave the team.”


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