UK Muslim MP faces death threats after voting for marriage equality


A British member of Parliament who voted for marriage equality has been receiving death threats. The reason: he’s Muslim.

MP Sadiq Khan, who is also the Labor Party’s Shadow Justice Secretary, has reported that his office has received numerous threats against his person, which police have said are “credible” and have urged the MP to take precaution for himself and his family after the Parliament voted to pass marriage equality across the UK.

Police in his Tooting constituency in London have been on high alert since the weekend and are expected to bolster security for Khan, who has battled against ultra-conservative Islamic leaders in his efforts to support equality in the UK.

Gay British Muslim Ahmed Usama told 429Magazine that he hopes these threats are not as serious as the local UK media have been reporting.

“I really hope that we can have some semblance of dignity as English and British citizens,” he said.

“For too long, the Muslim community here has been alienated and put up against racism. Now we have a MP who is Muslim and supports equality for all, which is a very positive step for the country, and then we have the bigots who threaten to kill. It’s sad,” he added.

London’s Metropolitan Police advised the 42-year-old that they are looking at potentially adding a number of officers on Khan’s detail in order to guarantee his safety if further threats against him and his family arise.

“My family do not need to suffer for what I have to do for my job,” Khan was reported to have told a friend by local English press.

“I’ve not had threats like this before,” he added.

Khan was one of 400 MPs, five others also being Muslim, who voted in favor of the Marriage Bill earlier this month.

Khan is the most visible of the Muslim MPs after being a leading campaigner for the Labor Party.

Many UK-based conservative Islamic leaders, have accused Khan of “selling out” his faith.

Khan was Britain’s first Muslim Minister to attend Cabinet in the last government.

Mufti Muhammed Aslam Naqshbandi Bandhalevi, who is the head imam of the Jamia Islamia Rizvia mosque in Bradford, issued a fatwa, or religious opinion, declaring Khan an “apostate” from Islam and said he should “repent before Allah.”


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