Gay New York City subway rider stands up for what’s right


A man claiming to be a “preacher” began spouting anti-gay rhetoric on a New York City subway train, but was met with opposition by one gay man who decided to argue back. The encounter was caught on video and posted to YouTube (video below.)

The man began to yell his thoughts on society’s poor influence on today’s youth, also claiming that gay men are pedophiles. His ranting became so outrageous, he even screams to the subway passengers, “Michael Jackson died because he was gay” at which point many in the car began to laugh.

At this point, the other man stood up and began to argue with the preacher. “You are false. You are a false prophet. Do not listen to this man. He’s scared. He’s full of hatred” said the pro-gay advocate. 

The preacher then began saying that gay men aren’t men at all. He said it makes no sense for two men to be together.

In response, the advocate said “I’m a man. And I’m a good man, and I’m a gay man and Jesus loves me.”

The subway started cheering as he continues with a chant of “Jesus is love! Jesus is love! You are not of love!”

“We can hear your falsehood, Jesus is love, and love is in this train. Right everyone? Love, let’s all clap for love! Love Wins,” he says as the whole subway car clapped for love and the “preacher” got off the subway at its nearest stop.


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