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In the latest Batwoman comic book issue, #17, the topic of marriage equality leaves a cliffhanger for readers after Batwoman, or Kate Kane, proposed to her longtime girlfriend Maggie Sawyer, Gotham City’s police captain. The issue ended before Sawyer could respond.

The proposal came after Kane revealed to Sawyer that she was Batwoman, thus creating a potential rift between the two, making wedding bells uncertain.

The news comes following much anger towards another DC Comics’ title, Superman. There has been a significant fan uproar since the announcement that Orson Scott Card, a writer well-known for his anti-LGBT positions, will be writing for a new Superman series.

The proposal actually isn’t DC’s first among its same-sex couples; the character Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern, proposed to his boyfriend in a comic book published in June 2012. However, a wedding never happened, as the train they were on crashed and Scott survived because of the power that turned him into the first Green Lantern. As for the Batwoman series, if Maggie says yes, it will be the first American mainstream comic with a lesbian engagement.

While DC has been inclusive of LGBT characters for decades, this revelation was not necessarily inevitable. Kate Kane, a wealthy lesbian socialite, was introduced in June 2006, but while it was long rumored that she would get her own series as Batwoman, the actual comics were delayed again and again. It was speculated that DC was nervous about what might happen to their Bat-brand when a lesbian character was officially included, but any worry they might have had appears to be unfounded.

“It’s selling really well,” a representative at Lee’s Comics told 429Magazine, speaking by phone on issue #17’s release date.

“We only have two copies left.” Batwoman issue 0 premiered in November 2010, and it has consistently occupied a place in the top 100 comic book sales figures ever since.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s GLAAD Media Awards honored the original Detective Comics arc starring Batwoman in 2010, and then Batwoman’s own comic in 2012. The Batwoman series is nominated again this year.


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