Laura Bush wants off pro-LGBT ad


Former First Lady Laura Bush does not want to be associated with a new campaign promoting marriage equality and the promotion of LGBT rights, her spokeswoman said on Thursday, a day after the ad was being promoted.

According to reports, Bush had not approved of her image being used in the advertisement from the Respect for Marriage Coalition.

Laura Bush “did not approve of her inclusion in this advertisement nor is she associated with the group that made the ad in any way,” said the former first lady’s spokeswoman Anne MacDonald.

“When she became aware of the advertisement last night, we requested that the group remove her from it,” she added.

The ad, titled “Leadership,” is a part of a one million dollar campaign and will run nationally in major print media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

It features clips of former Vice President Dick Cheney, the former first lady, and former Secretary of Defense Colin Powell, in addition to a clip from President Barrack Obama’s second inaugural address, making statements in favor of same-sex couples.

Surprisingly, Bush has been supportive of LGBT rights and marriage equality, telling CNN in a 2010 interview that she disagreed with her husband on the issue of gay rights in the United States.


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