Anti-discrimination bill passes in Philippine’s City of Angeles


The Philippine’s city of Angeles just north of the capital Manila, approved of a third and final reading of an anti-discrimination ordinance promoting equal opportunity for all citizens.

The measure is known as the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance and aims at giving equal treatment “regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.”

The ordinance identifies discrimination as when a person “withholds, excludes, restricts, curtails or demeans human dignity.” The ordinance also allows people of any background to partake in any social services or public gathering.

Michelle Jhoie Ferrarais, organizer of the United Gay Power Movement in Angeles said, “Finally, today I am very happy or shall I say we are very happy, pleased, privileged and proud! The LGBT Community deserves Acceptance and Respect and that is ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Gender Sensitivity’ and today we got it!””¨”¨Led by LGBT groups across the country say the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance is only a beginning for the country.

The LadLad Party, the world’s only LGBT political party, concentrated their resources to help to get the Anti-Discrimination bill passed in Angeles.

Speaking to 429Magazine, Danton Remoto, Chairperson of the Ladlad Party said, “The passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill in Angeles is a great success. But as a nation the Anti-Discrimination Bill has been languishing in the Philippine Congress for 12 years. It has been filed and refiled, but it has not yet been enacted into a law.”

The Ladlad Party’s main political objective if elected into office in May is to enact this same bill over the entire country.

“Naturally, the LGBTs in Angeles now lead kinder and gentler lives, but we must remember that the Philippines have 1,500 towns and cities, and only two of them so far have the ADB turned into local laws to protect their LGBTs and other minorities. In short, there is a lot of work to be done,” added Remoto.


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