Liverpool to showcase world’s most expensive cake; for gay expo


Liverpool is set to showcase the world’s most expensive cake at next month’s National Gay Wedding Show. Adding to the icing is that the cake is to be unveiled at the LGBT wedding event in northern England.

Developed by Cake, a high-end bakery in Chester, the cake is currently being valued at $52.7 million.

The 8-tiered item is to be decorated and adorned with more than 4,000 diamonds as it is to go on display at the Liverpool show on March 3.

The item, which saw collaboration with jewellers Russell and Case based on Bling Bling Street in Liverpool, will then be eaten at the event, which aims to showcase and promote marriage equality and options in the UK following the move to grant full marriage rights to all British citizens.

The previous wedding cake record holder was Mimi So Jewellers and cake designer Nahid La Patisserie Artisque, valued at less than half this cake, at $20 million.


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