Anti-gay pastor refers to gay people as sodomites and compares them to pedophiles


Pastor and President of Vision America, a Judeo-Christian organization, Dr. Rick Scarborough, led an anti-gay sermon at the Fairton Christian Center in New Jersey. Scarborough, viciously attacking the gay community by comparing them to pedophiles. 

Scarborough said, “Sodomites are not gay—that’s an abuse of the language—that’s a twist in the words. It wont be long until we will be calling pedophiles happy people.” 

In his sermon, Scarborough said that, “everybody has the right to be happy, and if a man having sex with a boy makes him happy, that doesn’t make him a pedophile that makes him happy. They’re happy people. And that is not a stretch, folks, soon you’ll have corporate sponsors talking about the happy people. You’ll have marches for happy people…”

Scarborough, a 1978 graduate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary who earned a Doctor of Ministry Degree, is a passionate believer that marriage should be reserved as a union between a man and woman. He also believes that “God established human sexuality for the physical expression of love and commitment between a man and a woman in holy marriage,” which is a view expressed on Scarborough’s Vision America website. 

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Director of Religion, Faith & Values, Ross Murray, told 429Magazine that, “words have consequences, as we witnessed with Pastor Charles Worley last summer” in reference to Worley’s suggestion that all LGBT people should be put into a fenced-in pen and electrocuted. 

“When a preacher invokes such extreme and violent language, I always fear what results will be outside the congregation. Will this inspire a family to kick out their lesbian daughter?” asked Murray. 

He went on to explain that when anti-gay sentiments are voiced to the public, GLAAD responds by educating people that other, pro-gay views exist, “that there are more reasonable Christian voices out there” said Murray. He reiterated that it is important to, “make people understand that [not all]Christians take that stance on LGBT.” 

Murray pointed out that GLAAD has a Commentator Accountability Project that documents people who have an anti-gay agenda, and pointed out that Scarborough has made scornful anti-gay comments in the past. In 2007, he “told his followers who support hate crimes protections for LGBT people that they will have ‘the blood of martyrs on your hands”’ according to the Commentator Accountability Project at GLAAD, which tracks the history of anti-gay comments by public figures. 


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