Reports surface of anti-gay bullying by teachers



Gay and bi students in Queensland are reportedly being bullied by teachers, in addition to other students, according to PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.) 

Their sexuality being targeted, PFLAG reports that 70% of these students are bullied, sometimes by teachers. Representatives recently met with Queensland government officials regarding the issue. 

This falls in line with a previous study from Yale University stating that gay teens are more likely than their straight peers to be punished for the same bad behavior by superiors including teachers and police. That’s 40% more likely to be expelled, arrested or convicted in court. 

Just a few months ago, there was an investigation in Pennsylvania of a teacher bullying a gay student.The teacher uploaded a video of Jared Swank and his transgender date dancing at prom, and showed it in her classroom. Swank says he has had other similar instances from other teachers.  

Another study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign suggests that gay and bisexual teens bullied at younger ages are picked on less by the time they reach 19, however they are still affected by the issue. In addition, 52% of boys who identified as gay or bisexual reported being bullied, where bullying for straight boys was lower at 40%. 

Despite current findings, anti-gay leader of a conservative group in Massachusetts, Brian Camenker, insists that LGBT bullying in school is propaganda, and goes on to doubt the existence of gay and transgender students. In an interview with Sandy Rios of the American Family Association, he states that the study was “not scientific” and biased as it was directed by “gay activists.” 

“Bullying of any kind is every parent’s worst nightmare and is every school’s responsibility to address. All educators and parents want to ensure that students have access to schools that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive for everyone who walks through the doors,” Executive Director of the Greater Boston PFLAG Pam Garramone told 429Magazine.

In regards to bullying in Queensland, the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) officials have agreed to set guidelines to prevent anti-gay bullying to their websites, in addition to working out ways to ensure teachers do not bully students for any reason. DETE will report back to PFLAG regarding its progress within two months. 



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