Bangkok candidate for Governor appeals to LGBT voters in recent campaign video


The Former Thai Police Chief who is leading the polls in his current campaign for governor of Bangkok recently released an ad appealing to LGBT and transgender voters (video below.) 

The potential new Governor of Bangkok, Pongsapat Pongcharoen, said in his video depicting same-sex couples and transgender women that:

“Bangkok must be a city that understands sexual differences, not just a city that accepts different lifestyles, but a city that is a friend to every difference.”

Bangkok is currently in the central spotlight for all of Southeast Asia in LGBT issues. A Same-sex Marriage bill is currently going through their legislative process and is enjoying popular support. Key to the approval process of the bill is the future governor of Bangkok, raising hopes for the LGBT community. Pongcharoen has included LGBT issues as essential in his campaign.

In an interview with 429Magazine Pongcharoen said:

“I am campaigning on a message of ‘Giving everyone back their smiles.’ I am determined to improve Bangkok to be one of the world leading cosmopolitan that everyone can fall in love with.”

When asked how he could help improve the lives of LGBT people in his community, he said:

“Bangkok is well-known as a cosmopolitan city for multiculturalism, definitely with a friendly population constantly seeking to enhance our country as a deeply harmonious place. I am more than happy to listen to my citizens about LGBT issues. I will help prioritize the key issues to improve our city for the people. Bangkok is and will always be about building communities. I am certain that our LGBT citizen will be benefit from my term as governor.”

The election for Governor of Bangkok is held next week on March 3. The Same-sex Marriage Bill is currently in the procedure of public hearings in the Parliamentary Committee for Justice and Human Rights. On Valentine’s Day, the LGBT group Thai Transgender Alliance held a faux wedding for a local lesbian couple to spotlight the issue of same sex marriage.

Pongcharoen is currently ahead in the polls, with 46.6% of the vote to incumbent governor MR Sukhumbhand’s 29.9% according to a recent Thai poll


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