Marvel’s alternate universe Wolverine, Hercules kiss, confirm relationship


Where there are infinite universes, there are infinite possibilities. For one of Marvel’s alternate universes, one-man-army Wolverine and the demigod Hercules just confirmed their feelings for one another with an on-panel kiss.

The comic in question is X-Treme X-Men series, and is separate from Marvel’s mainstream continuity line. Wolverine, known here as James Howlett, and Hercules had for some time been hinted to be very close, but it wasn’t until issue #10 that it was unambiguously revealed, in flashback, that their relationship is not that of brothers in arms.

The kiss is likely not their first, either; the panel shows an intimacy between them that makes it clear the feelings they share are not just chemistry.

It’s an interesting twist on a character who has over the years been involved with too many women to count, but X-Treme X-Men takes place in a world very different than Marvel’s usual. On this alternate Earth, set not long after the end of America’s Civil War, Howlett is portrayed as having lived a life considerably more respectable, if no less bloody, than Wolverine is usually known for.

Compared to Wolverine in the main continuity line, Howlett is a “stiff upper lip type, [with his]roots more in British Victorian pulp fiction,” Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, a blog about the comic book industry, told 429Magazine.

“The adamantium in his bones is mystical, of the gods, rather than of man. He’s a walking totem. No wonder Hercules was attracted to him. And yes, Hercules seems to have survived … so far.”

The caveat is justifiable, considering that in every continuity so far, Wolverine’s lovers haven’t generally had a very long lifespan after becoming involved with mutant. Fortunately for Hercules, something else different about this situation is that he has the distinct advantage of being a demigod; if either of them is killed, it’s more likely to be Howlett.

There’s no guessing what the future will hold for them, but after literally going through hell together, it seems fair to say that one version of Wolverine, at least, may have found a true soulmate.


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