Colorado moves closer to civil unions for LGBT couples


In a positive sign for LGBT equality, a Colorado state House committee pushed forward a civil union measure for a bill that expects to grant same-sex unions this year.

The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday voted 8-3, including with one Republican joining the 7 Democrats, to grant same-sex couples rights akin to marriage.

Republican Rep. Carole Murray choked up before the vote, telling her colleagues that her upbringing taught her not to judge others, before siding with the Democrats.

House Republicans have defeated the bill the past two years, but it is expected to become law this year because Democrats supporting the proposal control the government.

Governor John Hickenlooper is expected to sign it and told 429Magazine this after a Senate vote in February.

Deputy Communications Director Megan Castle told 429Magazine that although the governor does not know when the bill will reach his desk, it will be signed into law.

“We do not know the timing of when the bill would arrive to the governor’s desk nor when it would become law,” wrote Castle in an emailed statement.

She also said that the governor had tweeted earlier that “Civil unions is about justice and economic prosperity. We’ve said before, saying again: Pass this bill!”


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