Anti-LGBT violence on the rise in the Caribbean


Violence against LGBT people in the Caribbean is on the rise and saw a recorded 25 people die of violence in 2012, an increase of four from the previous year.

The Colombian-based Caribe Afirmativo said that their research has shown that at least two individuals had died as a result of violence or discrimination cases across the region, highlighting the struggle facing the LGBT community in the Caribbean.

The study said that there were 21 documented murders, two suicides and two deaths from surgical procedures involving LGBT persons.

The report also said that of those murdered, 13 were transgender women, 11 gay men and one bisexual woman.

The organization is a major campaigner for LGBT rights across the southern Caribbean and believes that as more awareness and understanding occurs in the region, change can happen. Most countries do not have any form of anti-discrimination laws against LGBT people on the books.

“Anti-gay sentiment is still pervasive, but more people are challenging homophobia now than ever before,” gay Jamaican activist Javed Jaghai told 429Magazine.

“The religious right is currently employing underhanded tactics to invoke deep-seated hatred and mass hysteria,” he added.


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