California gay couple forced out of mall for kissing


A Roseville, California couple were asked to leave the Westfield Galleria last Saturday after they were spotted kissing and holding hands. The reason, the couple believes, is because they are gay.

“I kissed him on the cheek. That’s how my boyfriend and I show affection,” Daniel Chesmore told in explaining what had taken place.

The two, 21-year-old Chesmore and his 24-year-old boyfriend Jose Guzman, in their interview with the local Fox channel, held hands and shared a few kisses.

“This is exactly what we did at the mall on Saturday,” Guzman said.

But mall security thought differently, confronting the couple and forcing them to leave the shopping center. According to security, they began recording the couple during their time at the Galleria.

“If you continue to kiss, you will be asked to leave the mall. Period,” the voice on the recording said, Fox40 reported.

“I counted you guys kissing 25 times. I told you before, we contact any couple […] about this.”

Ironically, the local news provider then went back to the Galleria to investigate further, finding that other couples, heterosexual, were seen holding hands, kissing and showing affection.

“In an undercover investigation, FOX40 spotted dozens of straight couples sitting inside of the Galleria, holding hands and smooching, right out in the open. And as the hours passed, not one couple FOX40 witnessed was asked to leave the mall,” the report stated.

“In a perfect world, there would be no difference in treatment between straight couples and gay couples,” Chesmore said.

The Galleria’s management refused to answer questions concerning the public displays of affection, turning away both Fox40 and 429Magazine requests for details on the couple’s booting from the shopping area.

“It makes me feel like no matter what I do in society, I will always be different.” Chesmore added.


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