An app to support pro-LGBT businesses


People Like Me, a Kickstarter project seeking to develop a Yelp-like location-based application intended to provide information about LGBT-friendly businesses in the surrounding area, is seeking the funding it needs to get off the ground.

Created by Emily Brozovic, what sets it apart from other applications is that People Like Me is specifically intended to allow users to “vote with their wallets” for stores and restaurants that are LGBT-friendly.

Given the recent news headlines of businesses that are decidedly not pro-LGBT, the socially conscious consumer has reason to be concerned about what kinds of establishments they’re visiting. With People Like Me, users would not only be able to find out which local places are LGBT-friendly, but also be able to see the ratings of each business as determined by other LGBT users.

In addition to being handy for increasing the patronage of little-known places, People Like Me promises to be convenient for travelers; as noted on its project page, “when you want to know the best places to eat, ask the locals.”

Depending on where one is traveling, it may not be wise to ask a stranger “will they be all right with a two-mom family?” People Like Me aims to be able to answer such questions.

“I always hear where I ‘shouldn’t go’, but then I’m left with ‘ok, so what’s the alternative?’” Emily Brozovic, the app designer, told 429Magazine.

“My hope is that my app can fill that void for people and we can focus on promoting the positives for the LGBT community.”

Unfortunately, Brozovic is not a programmer.

She has a developer on board, but while he has donated his time helping her plan out what the app should be, she’s hoping the Kickstarter project will fund payment for the remainder of the work.

As an Internet-based app, People Like Me will also need to buy enough cloud storage to store its data, and to keep users’ information private, data security will be an additional expense.

People Like Me’s funding goal is $10,000, and with less than two weeks to go, only has $1,311 in pledges. Still, Brozovic remains hopeful. Her Kickstarter project page states, “I have already dedicated a lot of my own time and energy into this project because I want it to succeed. I am committed to seeing it through.”


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