Gaga fan attacks Madonna for not being positive LGBT role model


A fan of Lady Gaga recently wrote a blog post calling on GLAAD to reconsider having Madonna present a media award to recipient Anderson Cooper at an upcoming ceremony, claiming that the queen of pop facilitated the spread of AIDs in the 1980s. 

The writer, who signs posts with the moniker “Claws Up,” feels that Madonna’s actions encouraged gay men to have unprotected sex, and isn’t an active advocate for LGBT issues like Lady Gaga.

“Madonna is one of the major reasons for AIDS,” writes Claws Up. “Back in the 1980’s, she encouraged gay men to have unprotected sex. While she certainly didn’t start the disease, she and her lack of morals helped it spread,” and goes on to say that choosing Madonna as the presenter is an insult to gays and lesbians.  

GLAAD stands by their decision in choosing Madonna, a long-time friend of Cooper’s, to give him the award on stage.

“Madonna has been a passionate spokesperson and longtime supporter of gay rights. She has embraced LGBT people around the world on many occasions,” GLAAD President Herndon Graddick said in a statement to the Associate Press. “From speaking out against bullying to raising support for marriage equality, Madonna has always been one of our community’s strongest allies. We are honored to have her stand with GLAAD and Anderson Cooper.” 

Cooper came out in a published email last July. He will be receiving the Vito Russo Award at the 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 16. The award was named after HIV/AIDS activist Vito Russo. Past honorees have included Ricky Martin, Rosie O’Donnell and Elton John

In response to the media attention since the blog’s post, the writer admits that Madonna was brave to stand up for gay rights in the 1980’s, and says she was smart to target the gay community as a market.

But still, “By telling people it’s okay to go out and screw everything on this planet, she helped spread AIDS. Did she do it intentionally? Probably not. But her actions speak loud and gay people dropped like flies.”

The Artpop blogger has dedicated the blog to tearing down people who, in the blogger’s opinion, have slandered Gaga. Its purpose is to “humiliate” those people.

In an earlier post, Claws Up wrote that Kelly Osbourne should kill herself or “deserves to get hit by a car and die of AIDS.” As a whole, the blog receives mixed reactions from fans who support Lady Gaga, who is strongly in support of anti-bullying initiatives. 

Neither Gaga or Madonna have commented on the blog post. 

Since the writing of this article, the blog has been taken off the internet. 


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