Fraternities host drag show to raise money for LGBT Trevor Project organization


George Washington University is hosting a drag show organized by twenty Greek fraternity chapters and the school’s largest LGBT organization, Allied in Pride. The show will help raise funds for the Trevor Project, which combats LGBT youth suicide.

“It’s really important for Allied In Pride and the University to raise awareness, and the drag show is one way to highlight this cause and really recognize the roots of the struggle,” Trevor Project’s Communications Director Laura McGinnis told 429Magazine. “You can be anyone fighting inequality, and the brothers are finding their own full potential, gay or straight.”

The amateur drag competition will pit fraternity members against those in other chapters. They have already raised $2,000 through participation fees.

“Each year, we hold both social and educational events on topics ranging from sexual health to LGBT culture,” Allied in Pride President Nick Gumas told 429Magazine.  “Allied in Pride also advocates for pro-LGBT policy changes at the university level.”

Gumas engineered the event in the hopes that LGBT students, open or closeted, feel more comfortable among their peers if they’re participating in the Greek university culture, which is predominately masochistic.

“[We] hope that the event will illustrate that it is okay to be different, encouraging members of the Greek community regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or religion to feel comfortable expressing themselves,” said Gumas.

The university’s sororities will help the contestants in dress and makeup and may compete as “frat queen” backup dancers. 

To judge the competition, the show recruited a professional drag queen, a student drag queen and the Vice President of the University’s student association.

In the past, the university has successfully lobbied for gender-neutral housing and the creation of a LGBT minor of study.  

The event will take place on March 6 at 7 p.m. 


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