Supporters of marriage equality get re-elected, says study


A study by pro-marriage equality group Freedom to Marry found that 97 percent of legislators who support marriage equality succeed in winning their re-election campaigns.

“Our survey results means it actually helps the re-election process,” Freedom to Marry’s Founder and President Evan Wolfson told 429Magazine.

“It’s a winner and the center of gravity for marriage equality is shifting. It’s in our favor and it’s the right thing politically,” he added.

The anti-equality group, The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), have stated that government officials will lose votes if they support marriage equality and pledged $500,000 against any Republican who publicly declares their support for gay marriage.

“Republicans like Branden Petersen don’t realize that not only is voting to redefine marriage a terrible policy, it is also a career-ending vote for a Republican,” said NOM in a statement referencing Republican Senator Branden Peterson who recently chose to support marriage equality in Minnesota.

Thirteen Republicans were included in Freedom to Marry’s study. 85 percent of them were successfully reelected.

“NOM is going to keep trying to work scare tactics and distractions,” said Wolfson. “It’s not a good argument and there’s proof that it helps family and disadvantages no one. Both Republicans and Democrats support it.”

The study was conducted in two major states that have legalized marriage equality, New York and Washington, on a 90 percent national average.

“Except for evangelical support, everyone supports the freedom to marry,” said Wolfson. “The younger you are, the more you support the freedom to marry.”

According to a 2012 CNN poll, 73 percent of young adults from 18 to 34 years of age support marriage equality, a 15 percent increase from 2009. From the same poll, 54 percent of all respondents support marriage equality.


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